Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Current Obsession: Prints {Pt. 1}

I have no idea if I've mentioned this before, but I just adore Kaelah over at The Clueless Girl's Guide. Her blog is equal parts High Tea and rockabilly (I have no idea if she would consider that a flattering description, but I think she's just swell!), and filled to the brim with genuine confessions about her life, values, and ideals. One of the things I really enjoy about reading her blog is the weekly installment she does called "Things I Love Thursday". She publishes an eclectic compilation of all things interesting, funny, adorable, insightful, discussion-inducing, and wonderful there is on the internet. I definitely don't want to scam her idea, but I have been trying to find a way to share all of my interests (other than buying clothes) with my readership. I surf the web more than I should a lot, but I tend to just stick to searching for things surrounding my interests. I have a ton of hobbies, but tend to fixate (obsess in a neurotic and obnoxious way) on one at a time. Currently, I've been collecting artwork for our home office and my office at work, but because art doesn't always make sense to me (and things have to make sense to me), I've found myself gravitating toward prints. Here are a few I have, or have been coveting lately. 

This Red Riding Hood Print is currently hanging in my office. It was a gift from my mother for Christmas. As an English major, I've always loved adaptations of well-known works, and thought this adorable representation of the RRH characters was witty and unique. 

The Grit by Jamie Calkin

This print is near and dear to my heart. Mr. BD surprised me with this for Christmas for our home office. The Grit is a landmark in Athens, Georgia. I've mentioned it before as the best vegetarian restaurant EVER, and a place Mr. BD and I bond over. We spent our first Valentine's Day together there, and always make a stop when we're in town. They have something called a grasshopper cake, and if you like mint and chocolate, you will be in heaven. 

Freefall @ ashleyg Etsy Shop

Several weekends ago I found some unique screen prints on canvas at an antique store with my parents. My mom purchased them for me and they are now hanging in my office. I found the artist's Etsy shop, and while my prints aren't listed, she has so many other prints I can't wait to snatch up.  

The Red Bird @ Serena Gurmi Etsy Shop

'The Cast of Pride and Prejudice' @ BlueSkyInking Etsy Shop

Hunger Games-Catching Fire, Katniss  @ sookimstudio Etsy Shop 

What do you think? Do you collect artwork? 

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  1. You have just introduced me to my new obsession!


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